About The Gentle Pain Release Center

Our Gentle Pain Release methods succeed where other treatments fail.

The Gentle Pain Release philosophy is that “less is more” when it comes to treating chronic and intense pain. This “total body” approach to treatment locates and releases the actual cause(s) of the problem.

The saying, “find the pain and look somewhere else for the cause” is usually true, especially with chronic pain. The patient will learn self-treatment skills that really work and are easy to do.

Many patients have been to other clinicians without benefit, and have subsequently experienced lasting pain relief from Gentle Pain Release methods. In fact, fully 98 percent of our patients report at least a 75 percent reduction in their pain.

Our techniques relieve many pain conditions.

While all patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions can benefit from the treatments provided by the caring physical therapists at the Gentle Pain Release Center, our experience has shown that those suffering from the following conditions are particularly likely to achieve freedom from pain.

We take our time with you.

On your first visit, your therapist will listen carefully to your history and perform an evaluation to determine the source of the problem. He/she will then discuss the results with you and begin treatment.

In this gentle approach, your comfort and modesty will be emphasized and maintained at all times.

Each treatment, which is usually described as soothing and relaxing, will last at least 50 minutes. Many patients experience pain relief on their first visit.

“Why place undue strain on already strained and injured tissues, expecting this added strain to be helpful? When compared with more aggressive therapies, the benefits and results of this gentle approach speak for themselves.”

– Richard Fowler, P.T., Founder



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